Your Domestic Worker is integral in running a cohesive household and duties usually surpass the mundane cooking and cleaning. Empower your Domestic Worker with a range of our Domestic Worker Training Modules.


Upskill your domestic worker to a super-efficient housekeeper. An efficient housekeeper can clean the home, she knows how to delegate her time according to her tasks, and she has the ability to plan head and can manage any maintenance issues and workers in your house.


Be sure to show your domestic helper how all of your appliances work, while remembering to demonstrate safe usage. You can also show your helper how you like your clothes folded, which clothes need to be ironed and which needn’t, which colours to separate when doing the laundry, and so on.

Consider providing your helper with written instructions or a notebook so that he or she can take notes as you demonstrate various tasks. This may seem trivial, but it is in both your and your helper’s interests that you are both on the same page.


If your domestic worker is expected to care for your children, it is important that you brief your helper on how to care for your kids. Inform your helper about what your children eat for breakfast, when they should nap, how many sweets they are allowed each day, how long they can watch TV for, how to discipline them if they are naughty or rude to your helper or other people, and so on. You can write down a routine to assist your helper in the first few weeks or months.”