“You would be surprise at how many times I’ve walked into the offices of companies that are working hard to be sustainable – they’re innovative in everything from their business model to energy efficiency – yet when we look at their cleaning products, we find that they’re still using toxic, mainstream products.

Though often overlooked, the cleaning products that are used at your business are affecting the health of your employees, the cleaning staff, and visitors to your office. The chemicals found in common cleaning products can have many negative impacts, including contributing to asthma, cancer, and increased birth defects, according to the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Cleaning Supplies and Your Health.

How significant can the change to green cleaning products be for people? Consider this bit of feedback that I received from a school that I worked with:

We have completed the process of switching over our cleaning supplies and clearing out the custodial closets. I have heard great feedback from the custodians about the new products! One custodian said she used to always get a rash from the other products and she has seen that go away since we switched.” ~Andra Yeghoian, Director of Sustainability, Bishop O’Dowd High School

Don’t underestimate the impact that removing toxic products can have on the improving people’s health!”