There was a time when people had only a few options when it came to cleaning their homes. Today, you can walk down multiple aisles at Target and have the “luxury” of hundreds of products to choose from. While options are certainly nice to have, most of these products put our health at risk. But how? How can a product that we don’t eat, drink or apply directly to our skin affect our health? The fact is that when we clean with toxic chemicals, we ingest them through our lungs, and when we are washing our laundry or dishes with toxic chemicals, we absorb them through our skin. When you add it up, we are exposing ourselves to more than we realize, not to mention that it’s all going straight back into our water supply.

Many brands claim to be “natural” or “nontoxic” but the FDA doesn’t regulate those terms.

Unfortunately, shopping for nontoxic cleaning products is not as simple as going to Whole Foods or ordering a monthly bundle subscription. Many brands claim to be “natural” or “nontoxic” but the FDA doesn’t regulate those terms, nor does it require cleaning brands to disclose the ingredients on their packaging. In the industry, we call this “green-washing.”

Overwhelmed yet? Well, that’s what I’m here for! Green home cleaning products are more accessible, less expensive, and easier to use than you may think, and I promise they are just as effective. “