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According to a recent survey, 87% of employees want their employers provide healthier workplaces. Maintaining cleanliness is one way to create a great work environment. Healthy work environments are key to productivity.

It can be difficult to clean up your office every day. Professional cleaners are available to help you shift your focus from work and clean your office. You don’t have to worry about your space again, as they keep it looking great all week.

Perhaps you are wondering how to hire a commercial cleaning company. Before you make that final decision, here are some things to consider. These are seven reasons it’s better to hire professional cleaners than an amateur.

1. Your staff members have multiple responsibilities and are busy

Although you may believe it is economical to hire staff to clean your workspace, this can prove costly. Professional cleaners can do an amazing job cleaning your commercial space as you grow in size and expand.

Employee productivity will improve if they can focus on other tasks and not spend their valuable work hours cleaning. Your employees are responsible to a higher productivity level. Choosing the right cleaning company can make this easier.

2. Protect your valuable assets

Dust accumulation in commercial buildings can cause equipment and furniture to wear down, as it can also lead to a decrease in the health of your employees. You must ensure that your building is clean to avoid any problems.

Professional cleaners with previous experience in this field are the best way to make sure everything looks great!

While you might save money on office supplies and other office supplies, it is more expensive to replace items damaged by poor cleaning. A professional cleaner will save you money and keep your commercial space sparkling clean.

3. Professional cleaners provide a satisfactory cleaning

Cleaning professionals are experts in their field and will provide quality services. You will be satisfied when you hire a company to handle your commercial cleaning needs. They are trained to clean all types of spaces and can ensure that every space is cleaned correctly.

These specialists ensure that surfaces are free from germs and odors at all times.

Minor cleanings should not be performed by non-professional employees. They don’t have enough experience or training to clean commercial buildings.

4. Confidently invite customers to your workspace

In today’s world, cleanliness is everything. 92% of customers will base their decision on how clean your office and bathrooms are. You must make sure that your office space and restrooms are sparkling clean!

Clients are an important part of any workplace because they bring in revenue. You might be hesitant to invite a client, but this could also be due to the fact that your workplace is not clean enough.

It’s never too late for professionals to clean your commercial buildings. You will enjoy cleaner working environments tomorrow.

5. Cleanliness increases morale and productivity

Employees are more productive when they work in clean environments. Workers will be happier and more satisfied if their workplace is clean, organized, and appealing.

Inadequate office maintenance can lead towards lower productivity. Please contact the office cleaning professionals if you have any questions.

An unclean office can have a negative impact on productivity by as much as 16%. If your workplace is experiencing declining output due to poor maintenance standards , professional commercial cleaning services are required.

6. It’s possible to see pests running around in the office

Pests such as mice and cockroaches are a sign that your workplace has not been up to par.

These bugs are often attracted to food scraps around the workplace. This can lead to unhealthy working conditions for employees and even possible diseases.

A single pest should not be a reason to hire a professional company such as ours. We get rid of them quickly so they don’t breed again!

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Commercial cleaning on a regular basis versus commercial cleaning once in a while

A commercial cleaner will show that you care about your employees. You want your workplace to be safe so you must ensure it is always clean. While anyone can clean, the best results are achieved by those with experience and skills.

A commercial cleaner will show that you care about your employees. You want your workplace to be safe so you must ensure it is always clean. While anyone can clean, the best results are achieved by those with experience and skills.

To protect yourself from harm, you will also need the right cleaning tools and chemicals.

Office Cleaning Services Your Company Can Benefit From

Do you need to find commercial cleaning companies? Did you know that the average computer keyboard and desktop can contain more bacteria and dirt then a standard toilet seat? This is particularly true for large offices with many employees.

You will need dedicated cleaners depending on the size and type of your business.

1. Basic cleaning

Basic cleaning is best for smaller offices that don’t get dirty often. These services include wiping down surfaces and mopping floors.

This is a great way for you to keep your office tidy and clean without putting people’s well-being at risk. It can be easily maintained until the next round.

2. Deep-Cleaning

Deep commercial cleaning involves more than just basic cleaning. It also includes more thorough cleaning. This includes vacuuming upholstery, cleaning behind cabinets, cleaning appliances, and polishing floors and furniture.

This can be done at least twice per year, once in spring and one in fall. It will ensure that every surface is clean and disinfected in the office.

3. Deep Disinfection

If you have hundreds of employees, deep disinfection is necessary . To prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, disinfection is also recommended for smaller offices.

Deep disinfection refers to disinfecting all surfaces in an office, including ceiling fans, work surfaces, doorknobs, and faucets. The process of disinfection can take several days before the office is properly ventilated and ready for use.

4. Sanitizing Surfaces

When the cleaning crew cleans only the most used surfaces, it is called sanitizing. This applies to keyboards, desktops and mouses, chair arms and desktops as well as bathrooms and kitchen surfaces.

For employees who need to be in the office more often, sanitizing is a great service. You’ll ensure that their work surfaces are clean and free from bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants.

5. Window Cleaning

Cleaning the outside windows of a corporate building can prove difficult. Many commercial cleaning companies also offer this service, along with inside window cleaning.

You can take in the amazing views, let more natural lighting into the office and leave a lasting impression on clients and customers.

6. Janitorial Services

For large offices, janitorial services can be a great solution. They typically include everything from cleaning the floors and stairs to emptying the trash. To ensure a thorough job, Janitors will use high-quality cleaning supplies and products to clean your office.

7. Blinds and curtains cleaning

You might not notice that some surfaces can become very dirty in an office. However, you will when you hire cleaners to clean them up. The curtains and blinds in the office are one example.

Dust particles can stick to curtains and blinds from all the foot traffic and movement. This can lead to severe allergies.

Professional office cleaners can clean blinds and curtains. They will also use special vacuums and machines to disinfect them. You won’t need to cough every time someone opens or closes the blinds.

8. Carpet and floor cleaning

Wall-to-wall carpets are still common in offices. They can become very dirty over time and require a more thorough cleaning. Ask your cleaners if they provide a specialized carpet cleaning service to deep clean the carpet and also to disinfect it to eliminate any bacteria, dust or mites.

9. Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning

High-traffic areas such as desks, chairs and coffee tables need to be cleaned regularly. This is especially important for spaces or areas in your office where you spend a lot of time lounging, meeting, or conducting interviews. Because the fabric is extremely absorbent, and likely has tons of buildup from years in use, surface cleaning and disinfection might not be sufficient.

Ask your cleaners to bring in special industry-grade vacuums or cleaning products to give your office upholstery a new start. You can then repeat the process depending on how often you use the office and how much foot traffic it receives.

Here's what some of our clients say....

Abraham Mostert
Abraham Mostert
Thanks for cleaning my offices so efficiently, it's important for us to portray a clean and professional image to our clients and the staff is just happier in a clean office
Scaffsa Cape Town
Scaffsa Cape Town
Thanks for deep cleaning the factory after our COVID scare, it is important for the staff to feel safe at work, happy with the fast response...
Pieter Kotze
Pieter Kotze
As an estate agent it is important to me that when I recommend a cleaning company to clients I can rely on them doing a good job and not embarrass me, thank you CIC for being such a company.
Stu Mailer
Stu Mailer
Keeping a lab clean is a tricky job, these guys have got it handled, the peace of mind is comforting, knowing a good cleaning and disinfecting job was done, everytime.
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These Office Cleaning Services Will Make Your Office Look Clean and Fresh!

It doesn’t matter if you have an office on multiple floors or a smaller office for yourself and your closest colleagues, cleanliness is crucial to employee health and well-being. This office cleaning service will make sure your office is a clean, inviting place that your employees will enjoy working in.

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Commercial cleaners are often contracted to clean offices, commercial establishments and other facilities. There are three main types of cleaning services: residential, commercial, and commercial cleaning. Cleaning commercial spaces, offices and other areas is the job of commercial cleaners. A janitorial company typically cleans small businesses or homes. Residential cleaners usually clean only private homes.