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Commercial Cleaning Services Cape Town

Providing quality deep cleaning services to Cape Town and its surroundings. Just ONE call and we will clean and manage it all…Professional cleaning can be a hassle. We know how time-consuming it can be to book cleaners, following up with them, and scheduling appointments. That’s why we offer a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs. Our professional cleaners do everything from washing dishes to taking out the trash. Whether you need a deep clean, a quick tidy-up, or anything in between, we have the team for you!

Commercial Cleaning Company Cape Town

Commercial cleaners are usually contracted to clean office buildings, commercial establishments, and other facilities.

Cleaning services usually come in three types: janitorial business, commercial cleaning service, and residential cleaning service.

Commercial cleaners are the ones that clean offices, commercial establishments, and other facilities. A janitorial business typically cleans homes or small businesses. Residential cleaners typically clean private residences only.


Commercial Deep Cleaning Services a Properties Best Friend to Save Time & Money

Commercial cleaning services can be a time-consuming and expensive task for small and medium sized businesses. However, there are many ways to save time and money when it comes to commercial cleaning in Cape Town.

One of the most popular ways is by using office cleaner rental services. These companies provide cleaning staff that will clean your office on a regular basis, without any upfront costs or long-term commitments.

Another way to save time and money is by using commercial cleaning software. This software can help you manage your employees’ schedules, find the best deals on products and equipment, track your budget, calculate labor costs, and more!

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Professional Cleaning Company

A trusted, reliable, and professional cleaning company establishing long-term relationships since 2002. Dedicated to ensuring clean, safe, and healthy environments for both you and your colleagues. 

We are a professional cleaning company that provides top-quality service at competitive prices. Our Cape Town cleaners are reliable and our prices are affordable, so we can help you clean your home without breaking the bank. We offer a variety of different cleaning services, including weekly deep cleans, monthly office maintenance, and seasonal window washing.


What does commercial cleaning service mean?

A commercial cleaning service is more for those things that you will encounter in business. Commercial waste clean-up, hazardous clean-up, or heavy cleaning are all things that define commercial cleaning. … A commercial cleaning service cleans things such as offices, buildings, or retail stores.

Office Cleaning Services

Hiring a professional office cleaner is becoming an essential service in many companies. As people start to realize how much time they spend doing chores, they are willing to pay someone else to do it. They are hiring cleaners for their offices or enlisting the services of maids who will come over for regular visits to help with the chores….

If you’ve got an office that needs cleaning in Cape Town, you may be wondering where to start. You don’t want to choose the wrong company and end up wasting your time and money, but how do you know what company will be best?

Here are some questions to ask when looking for a house cleaning service: What is the process for booking an appointment? How long does the appointment take? What is included in the price of the service? What type of services do they offer?

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Cost Efficient Cleaning

Supplying cleaning services of the highest quality and affordability to businesses of varying sizes in Cape Town.  What’s your take on cost-efficient cleaning? It sounds like a good idea to me! I can’t even afford the expensive cleaners that they provide in my town, so it makes sense to me.

Plus, if you have customers and staff and need something tough enough to withstand them–no problem. You will find all kinds of services available at an affordable price from us who are there when you need them most: Cost-Efficient Cleaning is here for everyday needs…


Quality Cleaning Without Compromise

Total deep cleaning solutions with excellence are guaranteed through continuously upskilling and investing in our staff. When you need to get your premises or office clean, you want it clean, and you want it done right. Let’s face it: many Cape Town cleaners don’t get the job done. They might not get all the dust and dirt, they might leave behind a mess, or they might use chemicals that are hazardous to your health. With our no-compromise service, we guarantee that we will get your premises or office squeaky clean and we’ll do it without compromising the safety and health of employees and customers.

Today, people are more particular than ever about the quality and cleanliness of their living and working spaces. You deserve a clean office, but you don’t have the time to do it yourself. At Quality Cleaning Without Compromise, we use advanced technology to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, leaving your home feeling fresh and clean without compromising on quality.

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Tailor-Made Cleaning Services

A wide range of professional cleaning solutions like COVID cleaning solutions tailored to exceed clients’ needs. Providing clients with a true partnership approach. The company offers a wide range of cleaning services to suit the needs of their clients. They have experience in commercial, residential, and one-off projects. They have been recognized for the environmentally friendly policies that they use when cleaning.

CIC Cleaning Services provides cleaning services for both janitorial and commercial settings. They have been in the industry for over 20 years and they are always looking to provide the best service possible.


Here's what some of our clients say....

Abraham Mostert
Abraham Mostert
Thanks for cleaning my offices so efficiently, it's important for us to portray a clean and professional image to our clients and the staff is just happier in a clean office
Scaffsa Cape Town
Scaffsa Cape Town
Thanks for deep cleaning the factory after our COVID scare, it is important for the staff to feel safe at work, happy with the fast response...
Pieter Kotze
Pieter Kotze
As an estate agent it is important to me that when I recommend a cleaning company to clients I can rely on them doing a good job and not embarrass me, thank you CIC for being such a company.
Stu Mailer
Stu Mailer
Keeping a lab clean is a tricky job, these guys have got it handled, the peace of mind is comforting, knowing a good cleaning and disinfecting job was done, everytime.

Uniformed Security Guards

For a complete cleaning and security solution our capable guarding division is a sought-after security service provider in Cape Town, enquire below… 

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Commercial Cleaning Services Cape Town FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Commercial cleaners will take out your trash, clean the floors, sanitize the bathrooms as well as eating spaces, and will do other types of light cleaning on a regular basis. You may also invest in other services in a frequent basis, including equipment and technology dusting as well as window cleaning.


The major factor that can help us in differentiating the two cleaning services is the area that’s covered by each service. … Domestic cleaning is often used for cleaning in residential environments. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, is usually done on business premises.


With a commercial cleaning service, you can maintain a spotless workplace that gleams and shines for first-time visitors. In this sense, cleanliness is a sign of trust and reliability for customers or visitors of any kind. Believe it or not, keeping a clean environment will also help your staff be more productive.

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There are many factors one should consider when looking for a janitorial service for their company. One of which is the price. Price and quality go hand in hand.

Another factor to consider is the experience level of their employees. If you want your company to be highly on top of its game, you will want to choose a service that has not only had experience in janitorial services, but also experts in these fields.

“Janitorial services can be a difficult decision because there are many factors that need to be considered.”

The major factor that can help us in differentiating the two cleaning services is the area that’s covered by each service. … Domestic cleaning is often used for cleaning in residential environments. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, is usually done on business premises.


In the modern workforce, there is a lot of pressure on workers to produce a good quality product or service. It is very difficult for employees to come in and clean up their workspaces and ensure they are tidy and organized.

But with the use of industrial robotics and AI solutions, cleaning up has become much easier. As a result, productivity has been boosted across the board. Some organizations adopt this approach by hiring janitorial services because it is not only more efficient but also cost-effective for them.

Companies that employ janitors can save time with increased production levels as well as keep their premises neat and organized with minimal human assistance needed.

A professional cleaning company will provide the best cleaning services they can offer. They have the knowledge and skills to clean large surfaces and also specific areas of an office or home, such as corners and under furniture. Professional cleaners also use eco-friendly products to keep the environment safe and healthy.

Some benefits of hiring a professional cleaner is that they are experienced in what they do, have a wide variety of products, are friendly people who will arrive at the time agreed upon, take care of your property like it is their own, respect your property and belongings.

For example, clean space can attract more customers and investors in your company by positive first impressions upon entering your business establishment. Also, remember that a clean and fresh office or workplace also increases employee productivity.

While it doesn’t require formal education, commercial cleaning requires a lot of training and hard manual labour that can account for the industry’s high turnover rate. A lot of this can be attributed to the company’s inability to grasp that their staff need to feel valued and treated as hard-working employees

Janitorial services are used to clean your office, while an office cleaning service cleans your whole office. This is because janitorial services only clean the surfaces that are in plain view. Office cleaning services also include everything from floor care to window cleaning.

The importance of a janitorial service cannot be denied, but the efficiency of an office cleaning service can’t be ignored either.


A common misconception of an office cleaning service is that it is used only in high-end offices and employees are not allowed or encouraged to use it. In reality, most companies allow their employees to use the service.

Many companies outsource their office cleaning services because they want to focus more on the core functions of their business. However, many large corporations still maintain an in-house company for office cleaning services. This may be due to the fact that outsourcing it would save them a lot of money or inconvenience.