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COVID-19 Cleaning Services Cape Town

Be Confident you are in a SAFE working environment. Sterilising Deep COVID-19 Cleaning Services

COVID-19 Cleaning Services

We meet all up-to-date Legislation & Medical Advancements. When the health of your family’s home starts to break down, don’t wait for just anyone to take care of it. CIC Cleaners COVID-19 Cleaning Services is committed to making sure that you always feel safe in a clean and healthy environment, guaranteeing complete sanitation and insulation from any harmful bacteria.

CIC Cleaning Services is the best service in town. They’re proactive, efficient, and understand the importance of disinfection. One of their unique products is a COVID-19 virus that has been lab-tested to be 100% active against 99% of all viruses according to US Medical Advancements.

CIC provides a high-quality, affordable cleaning service for your home or office in Cape Town. With up-to-date legislation and medical advancements, we always leave our clients satisfied.

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Eradicates any airborne pathogens and surface bacteria

Disinfectant used is non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-irritant, and safe for employees, clients, animals, and the environment. CIC Cleaners provides a one-stop service for all your infection control needs. Through our COVID-19 solutions, we provide products that range from anti-bacterial wipes to gloves. Our staff members are trained experts in infection prevention and all of the services they offer are backed by science, certified industry organizations, and EPA regulations! Contact CIC Cleaners now about our work and get peace of mind with the professional care you can count on.

We’ve got what you need to clean out your business, safely. Whether it’s removing airborne pathogens or surface bacteria from your place of business, we have a solution for you. We offer non-hazardous disinfectants with no side effects! Need more than just one cleaning? Come in today and sign up for COVID-19 Cleaning Services!

With CIC Cleaners, COVID-19 Cleaning Services, all you need is a little time to erase every trace of harmful bacteria.


When only a Professional will do, CIC Cleaners COVID-19 Cleaning Services is your #1 choice...

Prevent Closure of your Premise & Staff Infection through:

All bacteria, viruses, and fungi are wiped out by CIC Cleaners. Call us now to schedule a time for fogging, wiping down or spraying our services!

  1. Fogging
  2. Spraying
  3. Wipe-Downs

Product description: Fighting COPD can be like an uphill battle- but not with COVID-19 cleaning services on your side. Our non-hazardous disinfectant is safe for human employees and animals alike. Fogging, spraying, and wipe-downs ensure that every inch of the infected property is covered in 100% effectiveness – all without jeopardizing the safety of anyone else involved!

We are the go-to solution for all your sanitizing needs. Exceptional service and pristine outcomes are our trademarked assurance. Whether it’s fogging, spraying, wipe-downs or any combination thereof; you’ll never worry about coming down with a pesky virus again.
Order today and get a 10% discount on everything!

Kill 99% of known Viruses, Bacteria & Fungi – including Covid-19

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Fast & Efficient

Instant infection control can be completed in half the time of conventional cleaning methods and cause minimal disruptions. Fogging can get into hard-to-reach places and eradicate pathogens from the floor to ceiling. For more information see the WHO guide on Cleaning and Disinfecting Public spaces.

CIC Cleaning Services uses a revolutionary COVID-19 disinfectant that will clean your air, surfaces, and environments quality like never before by using stabilized ozone to kill 99% of all known viruses, bacteria, fungi – including Covid-19. Because CIC uses nonhazardous substances that are safe for employees such as you and the environment around us – give peace of mind and protection against airborne pathogens (viruses & worms) on surfaces (including pets), without the use of chemicals or toxic disinfectants.


When only a Professional will do, CIC Cleaners COVID-19 Cleaning Services is your #1 choice...

COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services

VIRUSES : Coronavirus – HIV- H1N1 Swine Flu – Hepatitis B – H5N1 Avian flu – SARS – Norovirus

BACTERIA: E.coli – Tuberculosis – Listeria – Salmonella spp – Staphylococcus ssp – Klebsiella ssp – Bacillus subtillis – Streptococcus spp – Pseudomonas spp – Mycobacterium fortuitum – Shigella spp – Campylobacter – Leptospirosis – Clostridium difficile – MRSA – Staphylococcus aureus – Staphylococcus aureus – Neisseria meningtidis – Proteus vulgaris

FUNGI: Trichophyton mentagrophytes – Aspergillus niger – Penicillium funiculosum – Epidermophyton floccosum – Microsporum canis – Microsporum gypseum

YEASTS: Candida albicans – Saccharomyces cerevisiae – Oidium lactis

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Here's what some of our clients say....

Abraham Mostert
Abraham Mostert
Thanks for cleaning my offices so efficiently, it's important for us to portray a clean and professional image to our clients and the staff is just happier in a clean office
Scaffsa Cape Town
Scaffsa Cape Town
Thanks for deep cleaning the factory after our COVID scare, it is important for the staff to feel safe at work, happy with the fast response...
Pieter Kotze
Pieter Kotze
As an estate agent it is important to me that when I recommend a cleaning company to clients I can rely on them doing a good job and not embarrass me, thank you CIC for being such a company.
Stu Mailer
Stu Mailer
Keeping a lab clean is a tricky job, these guys have got it handled, the peace of mind is comforting, knowing a good cleaning and disinfecting job was done, everytime.