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History of Rondebosch

Rondebosch is one of the oldest suburbs in Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded in 1657 by the Dutch East India Company as a farming community. The name “Rondebosch” means “round bush” in Afrikaans, and it is thought to refer to a clump of thorn trees that grew in the area.

In the early 1800s, Rondebosch became a popular place for wealthy Cape Town residents to build their summer homes. The suburb also became a center for education, with the establishment of several schools and colleges, including the South African College, which later became the University of Cape Town.

Today, Rondebosch is a thriving suburb with a mix of residential, commercial, and educational institutions. It is home to a number of important landmarks, including the Rhodes Memorial, the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, and the Groote Schuur Estate.

Local Government and Mayor

Rondebosch is part of the City of Cape Town, which is a metropolitan municipality in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The current mayor of Cape Town is Geordin Hill-Lewis.

Medical Facilities

Rondebosch is home to a number of medical facilities, including:

  • Groote Schuur Hospital: One of the largest and most prestigious hospitals in South Africa.
  • Rondebosch Medical Centre: A private hospital that offers a wide range of medical services.
  • Rondebosch Medical Clinic: A public clinic that provides free and low-cost healthcare to the community.

Most Important Places to Visit

  • Rhodes Memorial: A national monument dedicated to Cecil John Rhodes, a British politician and businessman who played a significant role in the history of South Africa.
  • Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens: One of the most famous botanical gardens in the world, home to a wide variety of plants and flowers.
  • Groote Schuur Estate: A historic estate that was once the home of Cecil John Rhodes. It is now a museum and conference center.
  • University of Cape Town: One of the leading universities in Africa.
  • Rondebosch Common: A large public park that is popular for walking, running, and cycling.

Annual Events

  • Red Bull King of the Air: An annual kitesurfing competition that is held at Kite Beach in Bloubergstrand.
  • Cape Town International Jazz Festival: An annual jazz festival that is held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.
  • Cape Town Cycle Tour: An annual cycling event that is one of the largest in the world.
  • Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts: A series of concerts that are held at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens during the summer months.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Rondebosch has a diverse range of restaurants, from casual cafes to fine dining establishments. Some of the most popular restaurants include:

  • Al’s Place: A popular spot for burgers, steaks, and pizzas.
  • Starlings Coffee Shop: A popular spot for coffee, cake, and breakfast.
  • The Village Idiot: A popular spot for pub food and live music.
  • Sevruga Restaurant: A fine dining restaurant that serves modern South African cuisine.
  • Bukhara Restaurant: A popular Indian restaurant.

Rondebosch also has a number of bars and pubs, including:

  • Jammie’s Pub: A popular spot for students and young professionals.
  • The Tap & Mallet: A popular spot for sports fans.
  • The Jolly Roger: A popular spot for live music.
  • Forresters Arms Pub: Established in 1852 and nestled at the foot of our majestic mountains.


Rondebosch is home to a number of schools, from creches to high schools. Some of the most popular schools include:

  • Rondebosch Boys’ High School: A public boys’ high school that is one of the most prestigious in South Africa.
  • Bishops Diocesan College: A private boys’ high school.
  • Rustenburg Girls’ High School: A private girls’ high school.
  • Rondebosch Primary School: A public primary school.
  • St Peter’s Diocesan School: A private primary school.

Latitude and Longitude

The latitude and longitude of Rondebosch are:

  • Latitude: 33°57′48″S
  • Longitude: 18°28′35″E


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Why People Love to Visit Rondebosch

People love to visit Rondebosch for a variety of reasons. The suburb is home to a number of important landmarks