Helpful Office Cleaning Ideas

There’s more to the office environment than just furniture arrangements. There are many reasons why staff may want to maintain a clean office. Not only is an orderly and tidy space more appealing to the eyes, but it also makes a positive impression to customers. Accidents leading to injury in the office setting usually happen due to the cluttered, messy, disorderly state of the office. Additionally, bad office hygiene may lead to allergies caused by mould and dust which in turn can affect employee performance.

Read these office cleaning guidelines to see how to keep your office tidy.

1. Arrange loose papers – Piles of paperwork all over the office not only looks chaotic, but it also makes it very hard and time intensive to refer back to important files when the need arises. Employees should try and label files according to their precise use. They should also keep specific documents at hand for urgent reference. File cabinets are usually ideal for keeping things like invoices and receipts. In addition, employees should save on space by storing their information electronically.

2. Decontaminate the restrooms – This is very necessary particularly for the protection of your employees and clients. Restrooms must be disinfected and cleaned every single day. Sinks and counter tops must be cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner. Soap dispensers and paper towel holders must be refilled. Additionally, toilet tissue rolls have to be replaced.

3. Look after electronics by keeping them clean and dust free – Staff should use a duster to remove dust particularly from tight spaces such as the keyboard keys. A soft rag could also be used to wipe electronics together with a disinfectant.

4. Waste buckets need to be emptied every day – This comprises of the garbage in the conference room, restrooms and particularly the break room.

5. Ensure the public area is prepared – The public office area can give a lasting first impression to your customers. So, employees must put a lot of attention into it. The seating area must be free of dust. If you have a display setting of brochures and magazines, these should be up to date and definitely not ripped. Mirrors and windows shouldn’t have any noticeable smudges and fingerprints.

Impact of office cleaning on staff

1. Boosts efficiency and health

Cleaning helps to reduce the spread of infectious diseases such as flu. This keeps workers cheerful, healthy and productive.

2. Employee confidence

Walking into a spotless office on a daily basis makes them feel important which boosts morale and increases motivation.

3. Advertising from within

Satisfied team members play a significant role in marketing. They are the company’s best representatives whether they’re at work or off work. Employees’ viewpoint of their workplace is a huge part of the whole perception the world has of every company.

Office Cleaning is an exceptional way to help guarantee that people will have remarkable things to say about the company when they are out in the world. If you need more helpful guidelines, please contact us.

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